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In 2012 the Austrian Global Compact network focused its activities on the topic Rio+20. 


RIO +20

The UN Conference for the environment and development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 was the first larger international conference that dealth with environmental and climate concerns in conjunction with a socially equitable development. 20 years later the United Nation stake stock on another conference.


The key issues at the world conference in Rio de Janeiro were:

  • Development of a "green economy"
  • Fight against poverty
  • Institutional framework of Sustainable Development


Especially the development of a „green economy“, an economy in that economic growth and ecological sustainability support and enforce each other, is an area that the Austrian UN Global Compact network worked on especially in 2012. The following topics were dealt with in more depth:


  • Energy (Energy consumption grows 3% every year and 1.5 million people do not have access to energy.)
  • Climate (CO2 emissions grew by 36% since 1992.)
  • Resource management (Since 1992 41% more  raw materials were used. Biodiversity in the tropics has declined by 30%.)


The Austrian Global Compact network in cooperation with respACT has founded a working group with the topic “Rio+20”.  


The working group’s results were presented at the Corporate Sustainability Forum of the Global Compact in Rio de Janeiro in June.



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